RMS is a Proven Vacation Rental Software Solution

RMS is a Proven Vacation Rental Software Solution

The Resort Management System is designed to provide vacation rental managers with the ability to control their company’s rental business. All aspects of short-term rental management are considered including reservations, accounting, maintenance, housekeeping, Internet booking, travel insurance, trust reporting, and more. Many successful vacation rental companies have contributed their insight to the development of the Resort Management System. A multitude of well thought-out details have been built into this powerful vacation rental software package. The Resort Management System provides your management team a stable, proven software solution. Whether you are using a single PC, many PCs on a network, or our HostedRMS via an Internet connection, the Resort Management System software is reliable, fast, and complete. The Resort Management System is easy to implement throughout your organization. You can start with just our Reservation system or include all of the integrated modules. Membership in our full-service support program, AdvancedCare, provides you and your staff with any help you may need with the Resort Management System - from getting off to a quick start to ongoing assistance.

RMS is Proven Vacation Rental Software for Reservations.

Reservation Features

This core module provides full reservation management. From availability searching to owner statement printing, this module is the foundation of your vacation rental management software.

Booking, viewing, changing, and canceling reservations is just the surface of this comprehensive reservation system.

Reservations can be booked a number of ways, such as booking a requested unit or by using particular guest requested search criteria. If a guest requests a 3-bedroom house with a specific view or location, the Resort Management System quickly finds available units that match the request. The search values are customized according to the amenities at your resort.

The reservation process automatically calculates rent, taxes, commissions, travel insurance, security deposits, charges, fees, due dates, and more.

Unlimited rental seasons and rates can be defined. Units can share rates or have their own unique rates.

Complete payment history is maintained for each reservation, including credit card payment information. Full integration with credit card processing software is available.

Any product, such as a bicycle or crib, can be rented through the use of the equipment rental section – full delivery and pickup reporting is provided.

Unlimited categorized notes can be attached to a reservation, a unit, an owner, or a mailing address entry.

Complete mailing address management is integrated into the reservation process. Guest information is stored indefinitely, including e-mail addresses that may be used to e-mail confirmations. Names and addresses may be reused automatically each year for return guests, marketing, and advertising purposes. Labels can be printed or exported for direct mailings and brochures.

Confirmations and Guest License Agreements, custom created by you, include detailed reservation information, and can be printed or emailed with attachments.

From Reservation Confirmations and Guest License Agreements to Final Instructions letters, Owner Statements, and 1099’s, the Resort Management System provides a wealth of reservation reports. Over 100 standard reports are available in a complete installation. Also, custom reports can be created using the report generator, which is included with the base Resort Management System.

Owner statements provide the owners with reservation information, including the dates of each guest's stay, the rental amount, commission, and other deductions. Owner transactions, such as maintenance work orders, are automatically printed on the owner statements as a charge to the owner. Owner reserve management is automatic and easy to setup. Year to date totals and 1099s are automatically tracked. Previous statements can be reprinted at any time. Checks to the owner are automatically printed.

Many, many more features are provided. Proven, powerful, yet affordable, the Resort Management System can be put to work in your office. Ask for additional information or schedule a live demonstration.

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Reservations Video

Take a quick look at Reservation Processing in RMS. It's easy to use but very powerful. Contact us for more information.

RMS Reservations :: Call (800) 366-5152 with questions or to schedule a live demo!

Online Booking Video

Take a quick look at Online Booking in RMS. It plugs right into your existing website and provides proven Internet booking services. Contact us for more information.

Online Booking :: Call (800) 366-5152 with questions or to schedule a live demo!

Accounting Video

Take a quick look at Advanced Accounting in RMS. Full general ledger reporting, vendor checks, certified trust accounting and owner reserves are just a few of the great features available. Contact us for more information.

Accounting :: Call (800) 366-5152 with questions or to schedule a live demo!

Maintenance Video

Take a quick look the Work Order Maintenance System in RMS. Track all your maintenance issues from the initial call-in to billing. Interested? Contact us for more information.

RMS Work Orders :: Call (800) 366-5152 with questions or to schedule a live demo!

Screen Samples

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Quick Demo Video

Take the Quick Demo and spend about 2 minutes looking at the highlights of the comprehensive Resort Management System - a great tool to manage your vacation rentals.

RMS Reservations : Call (800) 366-5152 with questions or to schedule a live demo!

Detailed Demo Video

The Detailed Demo is about 5 minutes in duration and is designed to give you a deeper look into the comprehensive Resort Management System.

RMS Reservations : Call (800) 366-5152 with questions or to schedule a live demo!