Questions we're often asked about RMS vacation rental software. 

Questions we're often asked about RMS vacation rental software.

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Who is Advanced Management Systems and Resort Management System?

Advanced Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) specializes in providing quality vacation rental software products for property management companies with high expectations.? Our cornerstone product, the Resort Management System (RMS), has provided for the needs of short term property management companies since 1984.? Located in Charleston, South Carolina, AMS currently supports RMS installations in many U.S. states, Canada and the Caribbean.

How many units can I manage using RMS?

As many as you can acquire.? There are no software limits to the number of units RMS can manage.? Currently we have users managing between 15 and over 800 rental units.? RMS is sold based on the number of units you manage.

Is RMS easy to use?

Yes.? To teach someone how to perform a particular task is quite easy. For example, booking a reservation or posting a payment is straightforward and easy. While easy to use, RMS is a powerful, flexible integrated system - one of our favorite user quotes is "The deeper I look, the deeper it goes and I haven't found the bottom yet!".

Can multiple people use RMS at the same time?

Yes. RMS is ideal for multiple users. RMS can be used by a single person or your entire staff can access RMS all at the same time. When multiple users are using RMS record locking is used to ensure the integrity of information. Record locking allows multiple users to simultaneously book reservations, print reports, post transactions, etc., while preventing multiple users from changing, for example, the same reservation at the same time.

What kind of computers can I use?

Any PC with a high-speed internet connection can use RMS. You can also use an IPad or other tablet devices to access your RMS (a small download fee for the connection app may apply).

How many rental seasons can be defined?

There is no limit to the number of rental seasons you can define. Seasons are defined using the Seasons File. As many entries as needed may be created in this file. A season record denotes the start and stop dates in a calendar year when the rental rates change. (Season changes could be setup for other reasons, such as to require minimum stays.) Rate records are used to assign rental amounts to the season time frames. As many rate records as needed may be created. Rate records may be created to match particular rental units or may be created to match a type of unit. All units are assigned a standard rate record, which is the rate record the system will automatically use to calculate the rent. Other rate records may be also assigned to a unit. Other rates are often used to establish discount rates, senior citizen rates, etc... These other rates are available for use at reservation time or automatically via our Advanced Discounting module.

How much does RMS cost?

RMS is priced according to the different modules you need for your vacation rental business and the number of units you manage. Choose from a variety of modules including the Reservation System, Advanced Accounting, Online Booking, Owner Log In, Work Order System, Housekeeping and more. RMS does support multiple users and there is an additional cost for additional connection licenses. A small company would typically begin with a single connection license while larger companies would purchase a multiple licenses to start. As you grow additional licenses can be purchased. RMS is very competitively priced compared to any other premier vacation rental software package. Contact us for further details.

Can I search for available units based on the unit's characteristics?

Yes. Searching for available units is an important function that RMS handles quite well. In addition to the dates requested, check-in days and minimum stays there are ten user defined search fields that are available for the search process. All, some or none of these search fields may be used when looking for available units. Some common search criteria are number of bedrooms, section (oceanfront, lakefront,...), location (Barnacle Condos, East Island,...), pool access, close to ski lift, grade of unit, allow pets, and on and on. You could, for example, search for all 2 bedroom, non-smoking, grade 1, ocean front units available from July 4th through July 11th. This example only used four of the ten criteria available. You would setup your system to match your particular search requirements.

Can I print owner and vendor checks?

Yes. RMS automatically prints owner checks (or creates direct deposit transactions) as a part of the Finalize Owner Statement processing.? Owner checks are fully integrated into the Accounts Payable system and the General Ledger.? Vendor checks are also processed using the Accounts Payable system.? The Accounts Payable system is included with the RMS Advanced Accounting module.? As work orders or owner debits are entered, a check is established for printing.? Checks can be automatically categorized based on the vendor and checks can be placed on hold for future processing.? The vendor check system is integrated into the general ledger system.

Does RMS support unit maintenance work orders?

Yes. RMS has two methods available to handle unit work orders. Both methods are integrated to the general ledger system. The first method is a simple enter the work order "after the fact", i.e. the work has been done and the vendor has submitted the bill. Using this method you simply key in the finished work order, which will both post a charge to the unit's owner statement and setup a pending check entry for the vendor. The second method is to use the Maintenance Tracking system. This system allows you to track to progress of a work order from the initial reporting of the problem to billing the owner and paying the vendor. The work order begins with the entry of the initial problem, the work order is then assigned to a vendor, the work order is completed, and finally the work order cost is distributed and billed. A work order may take a day or months to complete the work order system cycle.

Can rental items such as cribs, linens or bikes be tracked using RMS?

Yes. Unlimited rental items (called equipment items in RMS) may be established. Equipment items may be booked during the reservation process or at a later time. An equipment delivery/pickup report can be printed/emailed by equipment category to let you know what items need to be delivered and/or picked up. Equipment items use rate records to calculate the rental charge, this allows for seasonal changes in the rental amount. Equipment charges are added to the reservation balance due. Each equipment item may post to an individual general ledger income account and payout to designated vendors.

Does RMS handle long term rentals along with short term rentals?

Yes. While RMS is primarily designed for short-term rentals, long-term and seasonal rentals are also handled with ease. Long term lease rentals are booked using the long term section of the reservation system. Many aspects of RMS allows for distinct or mingled handling of long term reservations.

Can I automatically charge a reservation processing fee?

Yes. There are three ways to charge a reservation fee using RMS: a flat fee, a "rent" and a percentage. In the first method, a flat fee is setup that is automatically charged to a reservation. This charge is disclosed to the guest and can vary by unit booked. In the second method, a reservation fee may be embedded in the rental amount, meaning the rental rate would include the owners gross rent plus a reservation fee "rent".? The guest (and operator) is not disclosed this fee, it simply shows as the rent. This method usually requires the approval of owners and requires the "owner rent" and the "reservation fee rent" added together to be the advertised rental rate (as this combined rate is the only rate disclosed).? Thirdly, the rental amount may be charged a fee by using a percentage, like a tax is charged.? Each method is optional and is setup in the control file.? One, two or all three of these methods may be used and each may post to an individual general ledger income account.

How is support provided for the RMS package?

AdvancedCare is our comprehensive support package for RMS users.? For a monthly fee, unlimited telephone, fax and e-mail support?is available. Many other benefits are included with AdvancedCare such as unlimited training, access to our library of training videos, ongoing software upgrades, an e-mail newsletter, assistance with the Report Generator and much more. Each system also includes comprehensive RMS Help to assist users while they are in the program.? A large variety of support information is available on the Internet including our exclusive technical support website for AdvancedCare members.

Are custom software enhancements available?

Yes, however most of our customers don't have the need.? RMS is a very flexible system, over 400 setup questions are available in the control file area to tell RMS how to operate (you don't have to set them unless you have particular needs!). A report generator is included with our system which enables you to create your own custom reports.? System updates often include many of the requests and suggestions we have received from our customers.? We certainly welcome custom software requests and are happy to fulfill them at our custom software enhancement rate.

Can I restrict employees from particular areas of RMS?

Yes. User ID's are required in order to gain entry into RMS. As many user ID's as needed may be created and each User ID may be assigned a password.? Each menu selection in RMS may be "given to" or "taken away" from a user ID.? RMS ships with two standard user ID's.? The first is a general reservation type user, restricted from major accounting functions, management reporting and year-end processing.? The second can run every option in RMS.? These two base users usually work well for most companies but they can be modified to customize system access.

Can I overbook reservations?

No.? RMS maintains date tracking information automatically.? As reservations are made, changed or cancelled the calendar for the unit is automatically updated.? Users may view this calendar at any time, but a change to it requires a reservation or block process.

Is it possible to restrict check-in days and minimum stays by rental season?

Yes.  A season supplement record can be created that allows you to control the days of the week arrivals are allowed.  Also, a minimum stay, based on the number of nights, can be defined.  These restrictions can be set up on a seasonal basis and a per unit basis.  Once setup, these automatic safeguards could require, for example, a minimum of a week long stay with a Saturday check-in during the peak season and a minimum stay of 3 days in the shoulder seasons. Users which have been granted override permission may override these restrictions during the reservation process.

How do I learn more about RMS?

Just call us or email us your questions! Check our Company, Contact page for details. We would be happy to answer all of your questions. We can also schedule a live one-on-one demonstration to show you how RMS can be put to work for you.