Unlimited training - RMS is comprehensive vacation rental software.

Unlimited training - RMS is comprehensive vacation rental software.

There are many tools available to assist you in learning RMS. Live training with computer and voice connections, training videos, online help files and even newsletters are all available for your use. We will use all of these tools to provide you with the training you need so you can get the most out of your vacation rental software investment. The most valuable training is the one-on-one sessions with a trainer. Your active participation in the session shows you are catching on to how to use your RMS - which is the goal of our training tools. Lets take a look at the tools available.

Live Training
Our live training is done via the phone and the Internet. It starts with a phone call, connecting our voices, and proceeds to connecting our computers. The computer connection is easy to do, you’ll be walked through it, and it allows both you and the trainer to see, and work with, the same computer screen at the same time. Often you will be requested to review a training video prior to the live training and, often, homework will be “assigned”.

Training Videos
Training videos are available for you any time via the Internet. These videos are a great way to get an understanding of particular parts of RMS and often are “assigned” as your prep work prior to live training sessions with one of our trainers. This follows the theory used in schools that it is a great idea to have read the chapter before the teacher’s lecture. This allows you to be prepared for what is going to be reviewed, better understand which areas you need in-depth coverage and gives you time to formulate any questions that you would like to have addressed.


Online Help Files
In RMS there is an extensive help file available. To access this help file choose Help, RMS Help from the main RMS menu. This opens RMS Help in a standard help format. There are three tabs along the top: Contents, Index and Search. The Contents tab opens automatically and contains a “Table of Contents” of the entire help file. The Getting Started with RMS, RMS Basic Concepts and Frequently Asked Questions topics are particularly useful for new users of RMS. The Index tab provides an alphabetical listing of the help file. The Search tab allows you to hunt the help file based on words or pharases you enter.

We publish a quarterly newsletter that contains useful information on RMS. Often included are informative articles on upcoming enhancements to your RMS software. A Hot Tips section is usually included that points out helpful details of RMS you may not have known. If you'd like, you can signup now to begin receiving our newsletter.

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