We fully support all your vacation rental software needs.

RMS’s support team is available to assist you with a complete package of friendly and patient support - we call it AdvancedCare.? With the purchase of RMS, you automatically become an AdvancedCare member ensuring that your company is getting the most out of your investment. AdvancedCare benefits include:

Unlimited Training
Our comprehensive, personal, live internet based training is the key to building your foundation of RMS knowledge.? Training sessions are designed to progress from the basics to advanced topics.? Personally teaching you and your staff how to best use your vacation rental software is the core of our support program.

Unlimited RMS Support
As an AdvancedCare member, RMS telephone support is included in your membership.? Being able to call and learn the best way to use the system is a valuable asset to your company.? Unlimited? E-mail, fax and website support is also included.

Live Online Assistance
Online technical support via? the internet is available at no extra charge.? This AdvancedCare service allows our support staff, via any internet connection, to remotely run your PC in order to diagnose and repair virtually any RMS problem.? Only an internet connection is required.

Training Videos
Our training videos let you learn at your own pace.? They are a great way to introduce a new staff member to RMS.

Software Upgrades
All programming enhancements made to RMS are included when you are an AdvancedCare member.? With major revisions scheduled to be released yearly and minor enhancements released regularly, you will always be using the best software available.

Additional PC Licenses
AdvancedCare members can upgrade their PC license count at an affordable price and automatic maintenance of your database engine license fees is included in your membership.? As your vacation rental company grows, you can easily add RMS access to new PC’s in the office.

Support Website
AdvancedCare members receive a special login ID allowing them access to our exclusive technical support website.

Affordable Onsite Support
The onsite support and training prices for AdvancedCare members are greatly reduced from our non-member price. This price does not include costs for transportation, lodging and meals.

Seminar Discounts
Attendance fees for RMS seminars are reduced - another cost saving benefit for AdvancedCare members.

Report Generator Assistance
Assistance with the RMS Report Generator is another great advantage of being an AdvancedCare member.? With a little guidance, you can create many custom reports that can be used again and again.

Hot Tips E-mail
Providing AdvancedCare members with the latest software information, helpful ideas, timely reminders and more, this service will quickly become one of your favorites.

Program Development
AdvancedCare members participate in program development through their suggestions and requests. Your submissions to the “Wish List” allows our programmers and software designers to work on making your requests a reality.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.? Make the most of your vacation property management business, invest in your success with RMS and AdvancedCare!

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